CSM mode on SFG01/05 and MSX Audio

By Sander

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02-03-2018, 21:09

I wonder, did anyone ever try to get speech synthesis out of the SFG01/05 or MSX audio ic's? Both have a compatible vocal synthesis mode (composite sinusoidal modeling) , that on the SFG could be activated and tested with a CALL SAY command IIRC.

See also chapter 2-6/2-7 (page 44) in the http://map.grauw.nl/resources/sound/yamaha_sfg05_mbios.pdf manual
and a bit in http://map.grauw.nl/resources/sound/yamaha_y8950.pdf page 8 and 18.

Some of us have a SFG01/05 (probably a lot more since the Russian Bear Service Crew made clones) and most of us probably have a Music module somewhere.

Recently I found some asm example code for the OPN CSM mode: http://www.geocities.jp/submarine600/html/p8/csm_voice.html
It's a CSM test, but sadly it's programmed for the PC8088. Hopefully someone can figure it all out. Would be nice if we can send voice data easily to Yamaha IC's that support CSM mode.

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