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By Meits

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15-05-2018, 02:07

Triplex is hilarious. You do need some hardware to make a nice network.

By Piter Punk

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15-05-2018, 06:30


By Jipe

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15-05-2018, 13:21


By hamlet

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15-05-2018, 14:14

Line Buster! Much fun Tron clone, better than Alien Slime.

By siddy6581

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08-01-2019, 23:45

I'm reviving this topis instead of starting a new.

Thanks for all the wonderul recommendations. Have tried many games with one friend who where very intrested in the MSX and haven't tried it out before. Much appriciation. We had a lot of fun especially with Quarth and Salamander.
Super runner was quite an experience, but gets kind of weird on later levels (should you cooperate or compete, so tempting to mess up for the other player). Ikari Warriors was fun a while, but it gets to repetative unfourtunaly. The c64-version had a sort of challange over it because it was so damn hard, but this one just feels like it goes on for ever, and we tried to play it for quite a while actually Smile

Some other here mentioned I've yet to tried out and am very excited about. Just found Stracon 1 & 2 on the Millen 1 CD Cool

Others title are still a bit obscure to me. Like "Breaker" does that refer to the Radarsoft-game?
And some with no MSX gen-entries to be found like Alien Slime, Rotors, Hiqure and Buta Porc, where can I find these?

By Manuel

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09-01-2019, 07:38

Hiqure is on Compile DiscStation 32. All are on gen MSX, really. Search on buta too.

By siddy6581

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09-01-2019, 08:06

Manuel wrote:

Hiqure is on Compile DiscStation 32. All are on gen MSX, really. Search on buta too.

Do you mean "Butamaru Pants"?

Found Alien's Slime now (not Alien Slime) and Rotors Cool

By hamlet

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09-01-2019, 08:33

Alien's Slime is not a 2 player game. Just mentioned it is worser then Line Buster. Big smile

By dan

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09-01-2019, 11:59

Cooperating in Super runner and Quarth becomes a must, especially when playing with kids...

By JohnHassink

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10-01-2019, 18:27

Not "Butamaru Pants" (a.k.a. Pig Mock).
Buta Porc. Doesn't seem to be on Generation MSX. I'll upload a gameplay video somewhere this week.

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