Who finished all three Hydlide games?

By Feiraco

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17-05-2018, 22:23

I finished the first Hydlide in 1988 and saw a lot of mentionings of the other two editions after it. But I never played those.... What I learned is that these are quite different (that is: more difficult...) than the first one. Who played the full series? Are these worth playing?

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By odaman68000

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19-05-2018, 09:46

In those days, I played and completed these tree series of Hydlide.
IMHO, Hydlide 2 (not 3) is the best in these three titles, I loved it.
It's very exciting, you should try this!!

By Randam

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19-05-2018, 11:00

I played all three. For sure worth to play. 2 and 3 are very different and each have things going for them. i like them both a lot.

By Feiraco

Master (132)

Feiraco의 아바타

20-05-2018, 21:33

Thanks both! I will definitely give them a try.

By Vampier

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21-05-2018, 00:43

I still have nightmares about 1.... the music is still stuck in my head!

By Feiraco

Master (132)

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19-08-2018, 22:56

haha, I can imagine! :-)
This tune indeed stays in your brain for a while....