How to center screen on msx2

By japanretroCT

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14-07-2018, 19:59

Hi, I have a nms8220 ,it works perfect and it is expanded to 128kb ram but i noticed that Screen is slight shifted to dx side of screen...I remember there was i command on basic to center screen and set it on RTC ....Someone could help me?
I used msx a lot when i was young but not i forgot many many things...
Best regards.

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By Jipe

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14-07-2018, 20:44

By japanretroCT

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14-07-2018, 21:27

thankyou i done...Incredible original 32 years yuasa battery hold settings....

By mars2000you

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14-07-2018, 22:53 for other settings saved in RTC.

By Rataplan

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15-07-2018, 12:39

If that's stil the original battery, you'd better replace it, if it hasn't leaked already.