Carnivore 2 help

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By Grauw

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13-10-2019, 16:59

8bits4ever sold new floppy disk interfaces, they seem to be out of stock now but maybe if you contact them they'll make a new batch. Also I saw new FDD interfaces offered on eBay last year so you could look there.

However really you should be able to get this to work, there should be no need to get an FDD for this, an SD or CF interfacr should work just fine. Idk about Windows but MacOS and Gparted have the ability to partition the card correctly and also from MSX-Basic you can use _FDISK that's built into Nextor.

By Pentarou

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13-10-2019, 17:04

Don't use Windows, use CALL FDISK. But you have to keep the "1" key pressed until you reach the basic prompt.
Otherwise Nextor won't let you format the CF as it is the boot device.

By grackle

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13-10-2019, 21:45

@Pentarou, interesting, when I boot with 1 held down CALL FDISK does keep going beyond where it normally hangs, but then says "There are no suitable logical units"

By Pentarou

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13-10-2019, 22:34

Is the CF card correctly recognized during the boot scan? I.e. does it show the manufacturer name?
And to answer your previous question: the led is an access indicator, it shouldn't be always on.

By grackle

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14-10-2019, 01:00

Ah! No. It just says CF card and no vendor. And the light stays on. It’s a “verbatim” 4gb card I got off amazon. I have a transcend one arriving soon and will test.

By grackle

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15-10-2019, 00:38

I'm in! I got a new CF card, that's all it was. Dang.

The "bad" CF card was

The "good" CF card was

Once I used the "good" one I went through Curriculum Crasher's steps and it all worked out. I'm in MSX DOS now, finally :)

And yes, the white LED being stuck on should have been a hint that my card was busted. The card works otherwise on my computers, just not in the Carnivore. Thank you all for the patient help.

By Curriculum Crasher

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16-07-2020, 17:50

Glad you got it working and that my lengthy workaround was helpful for someone else! Enjoy!

By robodrunk

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16-07-2020, 18:09

I find those CF cards a bit inconvenient and also expensive. These days I use just fine with a large list of SD/MicroSD cards.
Works with Carnivore2 well.

By Wierzbowsky

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16-07-2020, 18:11

Guys, if you want to help in creating the list of compatible cards, please take part in the testing:

By DanHero

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04-08-2022, 12:06

Hi everyone, I would like to join this post without creating a new one, as I am also having problems with my new Carnivore 2 and any help is welcome. I've formatted my CF with FAT, MSX seems to recognise it once I boot into Nextor with the files kindly provided by Alexey but, once I run the FDISK command and choose the CF, I get the message "There are no suitable logical Units available in the device".
At this point I don't know if there's something I'm doing wrong in the Carnivore configuration; when I enter the boot menu I see that there are already some games flashed in the memory and they work fine, but I have no idea if there's anything I can do. For the record, I go into the Dual Slot Setup and specifically into the Master Slot:

Subslot 0 empty
Subslot 1 IDE CF CARD
Subslot 2 RAM 1025kb
Subslot 3 FMPAC + SRAM

I really don't know what else to try, I have tested 3 different CFs (they are really hard to find these days) and I have the same problem.

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