Ghost´n Globins now working at full speed on MSX2+

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By DrWh0

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14-10-2018, 22:24

Hi Smile

Today in the user´s meeting 05 at Seville Assembler (author of Ghost´n Globins) shown us GNG game working on MSX2+ at full speed:

Here you have a video (sorry for low quality and noise, there was a crowd between the computer and me, so I had to sneak between them and use zooming function of my mobile phone)

Also I have uploaded a couple of short gameplays under openmsx with configs of MSX2 and MSX2+ version

Currently MSX2 is still under development for improving perfomance.

But MSX2+ computers with Turbo mode (Panasonic machines by example) worked at 60fps without slowdowns while we were playing even in late stages.

I could not record it because I have been recording other presentations that erpirao and me will make publish at ler-sor´s initiative website including a worldwide novelty showed in the user´s meeting that evolves a new hardware and a new software.

Here you have the videos:

Real MSX2+ hardware:

GnG short gameplay on Philips MSX2 NMS 8245 (Without any turbo upgrade with slowdowns) STILL UNDER OPTIMIZATION :

GnG short gameplay on Panasonic MSX2+ WX (Running at 5.37Mhz mode) NOW FULL SPEED

More soon :)

P.D.: The MSX2+ was using the new V9990 prototype from MSX Calamar (Krakhen)

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By journey

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journey의 아바타

15-10-2018, 10:20

Can't wait!!

By PingPong

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15-10-2018, 20:45

i does appear that code slow down when there is a diagonal bullet on screen..... strange ....

By assembler

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assembler의 아바타

16-10-2018, 09:49

That version needs some optimization.

The problem is not the "diagonal bullet", but "the bullet". At that moment, there is some hidden objects that loads the CPU (the owls inside the stones). The bullet is the object that break the frame limit and then, the game runs at 30fps.

By DarkSchneider

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16-10-2018, 10:56

With the base Z80A I see it hard to get 60 fps. With all the stuff to do and the bus accesses (noticeable slower than on consoles) you get out of CPU quickly.

Most probably it will be set to 30 fps. The main problem, how we talk at RU Sevilla, are the odd movement speed objects, which can't be halved, and then require some special treatment.

By FiXato

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16-10-2018, 17:00

In the last video there frequently are some objects appearing at the top that probably should remain hidden? For instance around 1:27.

By gaula82

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16-10-2018, 17:54

Does this version require graphics expansion board, or can it run on "stock" msx2+??

By Victor

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16-10-2018, 18:41

gaula82 wrote:

Does this version require graphics expansion board, or can it run on "stock" msx2+??

This game (in all MSX type) requieres GFX9000

By gaula82

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gaula82의 아바타

16-10-2018, 19:07

Thanks, Victor, I hope the GFX9000 gets implemented in FPGA MSX2+ sometime.. Smile

By DrWh0

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16-10-2018, 20:54

Sorry guys I didn´t noticed that our near finished GFX9000 version was almost invisible in the video I uploaded.

So I would like the clarify the things:

I took for granted that everyone knew that this game was for GFX9000

The GFX9000 expansion unit used in the video is one of our last prototypes of "Kraken", it features internal audio output and reduced size with a very special feature, it outputs the video and audio with only one standard PSX AV cable (also features an external audio output if you wish to use better speakers).

So that version, is very easy, simple and compact in connectivity so much that seems to be "almost invisible", it was not my intention trying to hide anything, simply I didn´t noticed.

Here you have a couple of photos I took for uploading to ler-sor blogm from a different view while the people were playing (as I mentioned before, a lot of people enjoyed the game and I didn´t have spare time to play it myself in the meeting).

Enjoy the photos, in a few days we will upload a little chronicle of the meeting at ler-sor blog (I will announce it here) with more graphical material.

P.D.: Thanks to the person who paused his game to allow me to take the photos, thank you very much!

By DrWh0

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16-10-2018, 20:57

To @DarkSchneider

As we told you in the meeting:

This is a WIP version for MSX2 and MSX2+ of the already finished game that it was concibed only for Turbo R machines.

Me and some people here at MSX.ORG asked Assembler to delay the launch of the game for adding MSX2 or at least MSX2+ support.

Therefore it will need some tweaks but in spite of it, the people enjoyed playing the whole morning and they didn´t noticed anything weird enough to be a problem.

It didn´t affect the overrall playability, (for example, Salamander with the smooth scroll fix has more visible problems with enemies but are not a big problem for most of people).

Obviously some things will require tweaking but were mentioned at begining of the presentation.

Seeing the game going so flawessly in a MSX2+ computer was a total surprise for many people.

You can add yourself to beta testing, only need to contact with Assembler you have an almost direct contact with him.

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