Sony HB-900 met 1 mb en turbo te koop

By janr

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21-10-2018, 11:03

Sony HB-900 met 1 mb en turbo te koop.
Werkend, redelijke staat.
Turbo schakelaar.
Video mogelijkheden niet getest.
Start op.
2 diskstations
Prijs 250 euro
Foto's via email.

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By MSX4ever

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21-10-2018, 15:27

Can you mail some Pictures ?


By hamlet

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21-10-2018, 17:35

Would also be nice to see some pics here. It's easy to upload the to and embed or link it here. Thanks!

By Stt1

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22-10-2018, 11:01

That sounds interesting. Pics for me too!
Is it modified G900P or a real G900AP with turbo?

By kiwimsx

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22-10-2018, 13:18

Hi, I'm interested. Please can you send me photos to the mail. Thank you. ;)

By janr

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janr의 아바타

27-10-2018, 13:02