Introduction to MSX-BASIC (UPLOADED !)

By Hit-Biter

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07-11-2018, 20:59

Hey guys, Just finished scanning and uploading 'Introduction to MSX-BASIC' by Sony to the If you do a search for the title you should find it. I have to say it took more effort than I anticipated. I only have a PSC Flatbed scanner so each page needed to have the cover lifted, the page placed,weighted down, pages need to be perfectly flat or you get ghosting at the edges, scanned, checked, scanned a second or sometimes multiple times until I got a clear and relatively square image.Then the image had to be cropped. Lots of bending or squatting as well as the scanner is on a low shelf. Good exercise I suppose and got me out of my office chair every few minutes when i was doing the work. Also as it was scanned over a period of 2 days there was more than one PDF generated and this had to be edited and merged. Some PDF's had pages out of sequence and others had pages missing altogether. Not many but the odd mistake crept in and required correcting. Finally its done and uploaded. If you have never done this yourself you don't understand the effort to maintain focus on the job. This was a relatively short book as well. Only 114 pages 118 in Total. Anything longer would really need a professional scanning device I reckon. Ive found a site dedicated to building your own and there are some digital photo scanners that do some post processing work in flattening pages etc. Even OCR. Lots more technical than I realised. Quite interesting really. Anyway. Your Welcome. I might do a few more but I've only 4 MSX books and the other 3 are all double the length of this book ! With compression your looking at about 50 Mb I think for this file alone ! I could maybe have improved in that and will try but then you get gaussing artifacts from the print itself if your resolution drops too low !

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By rderooy

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07-11-2018, 21:20

By gdx

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08-11-2018, 00:55

Thank you for the effort. Good scans. Smile