MSX Computing (Magazine) JANUARY 1985

By Hit-Biter

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08-11-2018, 12:25

Hi Everyone,

I've just indexed my MSX Computing Issues and then cross referenced them with what is on the website. It appears I'm only Missing one issue in print and that is January 1985. So I am asking that you all search your cupboards, attics, sheds, cellars or anywhere that you may have some magazines stored. Do not forget. MSX Computing JANUARY 1985. Remember that, When your on the beaches, when your on the toilet, when your at your work, when your at sea, when your on E-bay and when your at the Flea Market. Always Remember MSX COMPUTING JANUARY 1985. This does not appear to be easily found, I have searched exhaustively and as far as I can tell there is no digital copy online either. Of the remaining 7 missing Digital Copy's, I intend to scan them in and upload them to myself so ... We only need

JANUARY 1985 !!!!

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By djh1697

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15-11-2018, 00:08

The Hanso website is a good place for MSX resource, i have the copyright approval from Haymarket, so long as no charge is made for the service
My letter is in the final edition of MSX computing, probably the reason they stopped publishing it!!