XRacing (MSXDev 2018 entry)

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By santiontanon

Paladin (824)

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08-02-2019, 09:28

I just submitted XRacing to the MSXDev organizers, so, a downloadable version should be up in the competition site very soon! For now, I just uploaded a quick video of the current version to YouTube in case any one is curious. It's a 48KB cartridge going for the MSX classic category (MSX1 with 16KB of RAM): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5P_Qffb5mr8&feature=youtu.be

Not as polished as I'd have liked, but it is what it is! Will upload to GitHub asap as usual :)

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By enrijavibox

Master (161)

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08-02-2019, 10:26

Nice job

By hamlet

Scribe (2472)

hamlet의 아바타

08-02-2019, 11:28

I'm impressed once again. A nice presentation and soft scrolling brings the race track into your living room. I hope there will be a cartridge release! Great job!


Enlighted (5366)


08-02-2019, 11:45

First impressions of the video...
- Yeah, you did it again! Can't wait to try it. You seem to make only A++ games for MSX Smile
- The start animation would require some manual pixel adjustments.
- The camera seems a bit wild... I don't think it really disturbs during playing, but a little less aggressive movements would probably work better.

By syn

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syn의 아바타

08-02-2019, 12:10

Man looks nice.. cant wait to play it! Big smile

By smx

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smx의 아바타

08-02-2019, 16:08

It's great.
Only 2 questions:

- After start, cars pass under a billboard, is it a sprite billboard?
- Is doable to turn on Screen 4 when game runs on Msx2? In this way we can have 8 sprites on a line and no flickering.


By CASDuino

Expert (94)

CASDuino의 아바타

08-02-2019, 16:17

Seriously impressed by the video
Can't wait to give it a try.
As per usual I'll convert it to a CAS file so that anyone with a CASDuino can play it.

By Wlcracks

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08-02-2019, 16:26

wow just wow!

By ren

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ren의 아바타

08-02-2019, 16:45

Very cool! Something very, very, very nitpicky (but details man, details Wink): displaying 'fastest lap' after the 1st lap is, say, lame Smile Perhaps just display 'first lap!' then or something?

By santiontanon

Paladin (824)

santiontanon의 아바타

08-02-2019, 17:04

Thanks everyone!!! I'm quite happy with the engine, but a few of the things that have been pointed out are true!

- To have multidirectional smooth scroll, I had to impose some restrictions on the camera control, so, sometimes the camera is a bit weird. But I think I can improve it a bit! So, it's on my to-do list Smile
- And indeed, the bridge has 4 sprites, always drawn first, so that the cars appear do go under it Smile I wanted to have longer tunnels, but I ran out of memory for that haha Smile
- Never tried Screen 4, but one problem is that I make heavy use of the 4-sprite per line restriction for some of the visual effects. So, I'd have to figure out other ways to implement those. But it's definitively something to look into. Also, the flickering is much worse on Youtube than on the real thing for some reason. So, it's not that bad Smile
- As for the starting animation, the pixel artifacts in the flag are a result of the way it works. I will elaborate a bit more on that after work. But fixing those will be pretty hard! Smile

Will upload the ROM later today! I just wanted to submit it to the competition first before making the ROM public due to the rule that states that the game cannot have been published before hand (just to avoid disqualification for a small technicality Smile)

By santiontanon

Paladin (824)

santiontanon의 아바타

08-02-2019, 17:20

But in the meantime, and thanks to TFH as usual, the game is playable here: https://www.file-hunter.com/MSXdev/index.php?id=xracing

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