Philips NMS 8220 (MSX2) - no video output via Scart

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By Louthrax

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22-04-2019, 14:44

Tarnyko wrote:

Hey Manuel,
I may well live in France (where SCART was a norm under the name "Peritel"), those have become rare. I phoned a few friends, no luck yet; but you're right, it would clarify the situation.

Search for "Trinitron" on "", in order to have a local pickup. I found several good and working CRTs this way (around 30€, sometimes even free because people want to get rid of those beasts) . Be sure to avoid the more modern 16/9 models (100Hz displays with picture digital processing are not so good for MSX and old consoles in general).

By Tarnyko

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22-04-2019, 16:00

Hey Louthrax,
Thanks for the tip Smile !

In fact, I'm not so eager to own a CRT monitor ; I tend to avoid what I call "heavy" hardware.
Making it work with my setup, most notably understanding the video signal subtleties, proved to be funnier ^^.

By Hypersoft

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07-05-2020, 21:06

Wlcracks wrote:

Now i am feeling old...

CRT are given away free on
maybe in your neigbourhood too?

Thats a good idea

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