OCM-PLD Pack v3.7 is out!

OCM-PLD Pack v3.7 is out!

by KdL on 15-04-2019, 00:40
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MRC user KdL just released the latest firmware upgrade for your One Chip MSX, or OCM for short. Health-problems prevented KdL to progress in coding for a while, hope he's recovering well. Along with the firmware, OCM-EXTRA Pack and OCM-SDBIOS Pack have also been updated.

v3.7 [2019.04.15] [KdL's Updates!]
- Updated Switched I/O ports ($40-$4F) module to Revision 9:
new Linear support for the Internal Slot-1 and Slot-2 (games like "Tina's Adventure Island" are playable now),
thanks to Sebbeug for testing and suggesting its implementation.
- Updated documentation in the [docs\] folder.
- Updated 'mglocm.com' v2.0370b (2019.04.12) in the [msxtools\mglunch\] folder.
- Updated 'vgmplay.com' v1.3-rc3 in the [msxtools\vgmplay\] folder.
- Updated 'z80_and_r800_opcodes_list.pdf' v1.10 by GDX in the [esemsx3\src\cpu\opcodes\] folder.
- Updated some scripts to compile and collect firmware, including support for Windows 10 October 2018.
- New contents inside the [msxtools\] folder, some FlashAir tools by Yuukun.
- New setup for TimeQuest Timing Analyser, in collaboration with György.
- Improved the overall stability of firmware by removing all the latches, by György.
The warning log has been reduced to around 30/35 messages, a negligible value compared to the previous 105/110.
- Improved detection of the SD-Card that sometimes failed, by György.
However, if it occurs again, simply re-insert the SD-Card on the fly to solve.
- Fixed a minor issue in joystick port 2 related to pin-3 management.
- Cleaned up the source code from parts of unused code and fixed some inaccuracies in the comments.
- In this release all Zemmix Neo firmwares are interchangeable with each other.

Notes and warnings:
- Some firmware may not be as stable as others. When necessary, I suggest trying another keyboard layout.
- Nextor kernel for OCM is unable to flash the PLD firmware using 'pldload.com' and the machine can be BRICKED!!
From 'pldflash.com' v1.5 and later Unsupported Kernels are automatically detects, pay close attention to this.
- The most of Microcabin games can run better with the 'runit.com' tool, with 'ep.com' two drives are required.
- Most of the features of the MSX turbo-R have not yet been developed and are for testing purposes only.

Some known issues:
- The sprites disable and enable after three lines instead of after one line, reported by Grauw and Andre.
- The game Fighter's Ragnarok has all the damaged graphics, a bug in the VDP command engine should be the cause.
- Some PSG sounds are not played accurately and sometimes the OPLL drum kit sounds too loud.
- The 'Break' command of ESE-PS2 module do not work during the hard reset or if you unplug the keyboard at warm.
- The current version of MSX turbo-R BIOS can be started with Internal Mapper 4096 kB only using Nextor kernel
and generates some issues with the PSG output (simply just listen to the beep sound to confirm it).

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By x-nen Aivalahostia

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x-nen Aivalahostia의 아바타

15-04-2019, 13:19

Great news!! Congratulations!!!

By Robosoft

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Robosoft의 아바타

15-04-2019, 19:38

Thanx KdL (and others). A good reason to dust off my OCM and try out the new stuff! Big smile

By alexito

Champion (369)

alexito의 아바타

15-04-2019, 20:41

Thanks KdL, I think is time to try the new OCM with Operation Wolf Enhanced,Space Invaders Collections Enhanced and Xenon Enhanced with this new Firmware and the Music Module (Y8950-ADPCM) Smile2

By enribar

Paladin (974)

enribar의 아바타

15-04-2019, 22:30

This project is becoming huge and very hard! Each OCM machine in the world is equipped with this firmware!
It's time to support this project with a donation!

By Sebbeug

Master (204)

Sebbeug의 아바타

15-04-2019, 23:08

+1 enribar
Thanks to KdL for this great job!

By luppie

Paladin (854)

luppie의 아바타

16-04-2019, 10:23

enribar wrote:

It's time to support this project with a donation!


Thank you so much KdL for your hard work en efforts. Thumbs Up.

By MSX4ever

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MSX4ever의 아바타

16-04-2019, 15:28

Thanks KdL !

By mfeingol

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mfeingol의 아바타

18-04-2019, 03:58


By KdL

Paragon (1163)

KdL의 아바타

18-04-2019, 23:37

Thank you all for the support. I will try to fix the issues of the VDP soon.

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