The Awakening (New MSX2 Game): PreOrders

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By journey

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02-05-2019, 18:58

Lazzeri wrote:

I haven’t received a reply for my preorder. Is that normal?

I've received my confirmation.

There may have been confusion between our surnames

Mine is LazzAri, your is LazzEri Smile

I suppose...

By Lazzeri

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03-05-2019, 11:53

It would not be the first time.

I’ll try again. Grazie!

By Oniric-Factor

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14-05-2019, 21:46

Hello to all.

the preorder time is finished today. Now it's time to everybody who has no't payed yet to do it via paypal to

I will send an email to all of you in a couple of days.

Thanks a lot for you support and interest!

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