Burned-out HB-F1XDJ

By Louthrax

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29-04-2019, 00:48

Hi all,

Seems my good old HB-F1XDJ has been victim of a burn-out this week-end: I did not pay attention and let him powered-on during 2 whole days. That was too much for him.

Now, when I power it on, the screen is OK for 1s, and then it quickly dims to black, and remains black... Other things are still operationnal (CPU, drives, sound), but the display is black.

I changed all the main-board capacitors a while ago, but did not change the daughter-board ones (like advised here).

I have not investigated anything so far, but does anybody have an idea of the things to check in this case, or knows which part of the computer is responsible for the video output processing/amplification ?

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By sd_snatcher

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29-04-2019, 01:00

Hi Louthrax!

You should replace the capacitors of the HIC-1 PCB ASAP! That's exactly the part that does the video output processing/amplification, and the symptoms of your machine point that those dangerous capacitors are going bad.

On the mobo, the only capacitors you really need to change are those of the FM circuit, as recommended in MSXpro's maintenance guide. I've seen people replacing the other elcaps of the mobo with new ones, only to seem them leaking a few years later because they were either Chinese, or fake capacitors.

By Louthrax

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01-05-2019, 18:49

Hi Snatcher,

Thanks for confirming the cause of the problem. I finally started the SMD recap operations I should have done way earlier on the daughter board (using tantalium capacitors):

And it solved the problem, I've got a super nice and sharp display again :RNFF:

The old capacitors started leaking, but just a bit (no tracks corroded). Removing them was not as hard as expected (soldering connections area are large and looked solidely attached to the PCB).

I just totally freaked-out when powering-on the F1XDJ for the first time after the re-soldering : logo was displayed in a weird way, everyhing was super-slow... But that was just because I hadn't plugged the front-panel connectors (with the speed-control and auto-fire sliders) :)