VG8020 - Unable to load

By DrGusman

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15-05-2019, 14:47


I just got my first MSX, a VG8020/00 and I can't load anything.

I have a Casduino to load the tapes, if I connect an speaker to it I ear the sound but the MSX ignores completely it. I've tried using run"cas:", load"cas:", bload"cas:", with and without R and none of the tapes are loaded, no sign of life at all, no error, no skip, nothing... Also, I can't ear anything on the TV and from my readings the sound must output to TV, right?. I also have tried with an Android tablet with MSX2CAS with the exact same result. I have checked and the remote relay turns on/off correctly and if I do a save"cas:test" I get data on the pìn 4 of the casette tape.

I have traced the signal with an oscilloscope from the input (pin 5) and it goes all the way down to the YM2149 with a very nice square waveform, but from there I have no clue how the data is sent to the CPU (or wherever it goes) to continue checking for any further problems.

The only thing I didn't connected is the remote but it seems it's optional, am I wrong?

Any help would be appreciated.


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By Wlcracks

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15-05-2019, 17:18

What is the baud rate? Start with real .wav (no mp3) on 1200 baud.
I had problems with mp3. Not sure how casduino works.
Nice a /00 , the real thing.
EDIT: maybe its a cload?

By janj_fr

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15-05-2019, 17:27

I also had the same issue when trying to load with MSX2CAS from my tablet or Smartphone. To solve the issue, I had to connect my tablet or smartphone to an external dynamic speaker and the headphone output of the speaker to my MSX.
Seems that the sound level from my smartphone headphone output need to be amplified.

By Manuel

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15-05-2019, 17:29

You can't hear the tape sound on the TV, the MSX doesn't output it.

What tape are you trying to load and how exactly? What volume are you using?

By janj_fr

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15-05-2019, 17:36

I had the same issue trying to load cas file from my smartphone with MSX2CAS. It seems that the level output was not high enough so I need to connect my smartphone to an external dynamic speaker and the speaker headphone output to the msx.
It solve the issue for me.