Snatcher and SD Snatcher manual text transcription

By Takamichi

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21-05-2019, 12:54

Hi folks, I have typed down entire Snatcher and SD Snatcher manuals.
You can use Google translation to read them. They are masterpieces of Konami manuals and one of the bests of all game manuals :)

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By journey

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journey의 아바타

21-05-2019, 18:49

Great work Takamichi!

By sdsnatcher73

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21-05-2019, 19:59

Kudos! Is your intention to create English translated versions including the original artwork?
Anyway I'd love to help proofing any translations and also want to offer any help you can use. Not sure what I can do but I am willing to try Wink

By Takamichi

Master (231)

Takamichi의 아바타

22-05-2019, 16:18

Of course these files are meant to be the sources of the translation, but useful for Google translation even now! I am going to make images files with numbers (sentence 1, sentence 2...) drawing inside and attach the corresponding translations below. No hard work for someone who translated both Metal Gear 1 and 2 manuals Wink Oh to be honest the volumes are much more larger than MG manuals so don't expect the early finish Cool