Carnivore 2 new batch by 8bits4ever

Carnivore 2 new batch by 8bits4ever

by PAC on 14-06-2019, 18:12
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Two years ago 8bits4ever officially started the manufacture of Carnivore 2, a multifunctional cartridge for MSX designed by the RBSC team and as expected the first units were sold out quickly.

Although there are available cartridges regularly, demand is still high and many users miss the chance to order their precious unit. For that reason 8bits4ever decided to open a pre-ordering process and cope with community desires. Shipping will start in mid-July 2019.

Relevant link: Carnivore 2 new batch pre-order

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By Alexey

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Alexey의 아바타

15-06-2019, 17:12

Whoever did this ad didn't look into the cartridge's specs too well. The PSG and SCC info is missing, the FMPAC's SRAM emulation is not mentioned, the 720kb shadow RAM is not mentioned either.

By coldbreeze

Expert (127)

coldbreeze의 아바타

16-06-2019, 12:42

I have already placed an order. How could I miss out on this engineering masterpiece! Smile

By MiCv2

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MiCv2의 아바타

22-06-2019, 03:44

I love the Carnivore2 cartridge! Smile
Alexey, my FPGA soldering still hold Cool
Yes, pseudo stereo would still be my wish .. Evil

best regards



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PAC의 아바타

24-07-2019, 19:10