GBS8200/GBS8220 improved video output

By RvS

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19-06-2019, 20:28

I have my MSX2 (NMS8245) connected to a GBS8220 converter (via a LM1881 for v-sync), so I can use a VGA (LCD) monitor.
The image quality was never perfect, but is was usable. There was noise in the background and the de-interlacer
made moving objects blurry.
I recently stumbled on this site:
They use an ESP8266 (or an Arduino) to re-program the scaler using the I2C bus. The result is impressive.
Now you can connect to the board using WiFi and it properly supports 240/288 lines video. The image quality is much better and the motion blur is gone.
If you have a GBS82xx board, it might be time to start soldering...

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By raymond

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21-06-2019, 18:07

Hmm, sounds interesting. Do you already have this working?

I will take a look at this when I have my GR8BIT finished Big smile

By lintweaker

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21-06-2019, 19:30

Thanks for the tip! Sounds interesting, another project on the list Smile

By RvS

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21-06-2019, 20:26

It works, but Some work is still required Smile