How to run Oasis Superimpose&Video on MSX 2+?

By BiT

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20-08-2019, 18:29

I got a MSX 8280 wich is turned into a MSX 2+. Now I like to run Oasis Superimpose & Video software, but it wont run. Someone told me I have to change something in the first lines of the listing. Anyone knows how to get this software to run?

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By TheKid

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21-08-2019, 07:43

Strange, i tried it with openmsx on turbo r and it runs without problems. The listing looks identical too what I have here. What is the exact error you get?

By Algorythms

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21-08-2019, 08:50

Did you load X-basic first? There should be a binary like XBASIX.BIN or something on the disk.
It should be loaded like BLOAD "XBASIC.BIN",R before you run the basic program.

By Manuel

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21-08-2019, 08:56

I load it with a BAT file containing:

load turbo.bin
basic prog1.bas