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By PingPong

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06-09-2019, 13:44

One thing is to add some features to a V9938 brand new project, another is to justify the adoption of TWO VDPs, TWO set of VRAM chips, additional logic.

Now i criticize Guttag because the costs/benefits on having a slight better TMS VDP where only weighted on the consts side.
But another question is saying "OK, we need two VDPs RAM and logic because we want discard a lot of crappyness"
No manager approved this......

about the magic number, it was not required on V9938 but please think about TMS: it was no needed on TMS too. It's only here because of a non sense idea to cut the SAT and using the rest of VRAM area for other purposes.

Except the fact that even in those early days the maximum saving was only 128 bytes barely enough to store 4 nametable rows in screen 2.

It was better if never existed.
Simply, a sprite beyond Y position is not processed nor it cannot participate in Overflow Bit or Collision Bit.

The TMS is more crappy than one can expect.

By Juan Luis

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06-09-2019, 13:54

PingPong wrote:

The TMS is more crappy than one can expect.

PingPong, I believed after our last discussion that you thought TMS9918 was the best VDP ever made. Nishi

Don't forget the most interesting VDP TMS9928/29 key feature:
- An on-chip complex sound generator (the second last key feature on the sheet, ... for what?) oO

By thegeps

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06-09-2019, 15:27

What about the funny Early Clock Bit? A source of head aches like no other...

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