The elusive YAMAHA DX1

By alexito

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14-09-2019, 13:39

Now I feel very proud to own different YAMAHA MSX Computers.


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By hamlet

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14-09-2019, 16:19

The DX1 is a synthesaurus! LOL!

By wolf_

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14-09-2019, 20:32

Seen one once, in a music shop, some twenty years ago. I think it was priced at some 4500 euros back then. On the one hand, its size and panel layout are tempting to go for, it has that cool-factor (the DX5 only slightly less so btw). At the same time, this thing is as old as the MSX-standard, so it's old. And while old synths often look cool, at some point you'll run into issues/repairs for which you may not be able to find replacement parts anymore. Also, the technology was pretty rad at the time, but software plug-ins do the same thing, and better since, oh, 2002 or something.

If I'd see one for 500 euro in good condition, I'd be tempted to get it, even if only to look at it (and regarding its weight, it'll be a boat anchor). But a little voice tells me that's not going to happen. Similarly, you prolly aren't going to get a Yamaha CS80 (Vangelis), Yamaha GX1 (ABBA) and Roland Jupiter 8 (many) for cheap either. ^_^ This is the thing with such large old beasts: the technology doesn't mean all that much anymore, but its legendary status keeps the price up.