Moonblaster + MIDI-Keyboard ?

By MarkL

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01-10-2019, 20:25

I do know it is a noob's question. But I have liked chip music so much ever on different platforms.
Now I am into the great MSX range of retro computers.
Which MSX setup would be needed to play a simple MIDI-keyboard via a NMS-8250 ?
I guess I will need a DIN-5-Pin-Midi-Input Cartridge like Philips MSX-Audio ? And software wise ?
But the most impressive music is done with Moonblaster. Can one combine both ?
Any ideas to have some fun with my kids which like to play and learn the piano these days ?

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By meits

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01-10-2019, 20:52

You can use MIDI in of the Philips Music Module to play the instruments in the instrument library and that's it. No real time recording of notes.
But if you like to play keys on a superior keyboard and want to hear the MSX while doing so, it's an option Smile

FAC Soundtracker pro has MIDI support as well but it's a very poor tracker and I wonder if anyone ever got something out of it using a MIDI keyboard.

By wolf_

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01-10-2019, 21:12

FST-Pro wasn't really that poor of a tracker, it was just not as feature-rich as anything that came after. In the end, it was the only MSX-tool I could operate without a monitor. ^_^ MIDI-recording into the tracker steps was a great misfire though, completely and utterly pointless.

By MarkL

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02-10-2019, 20:02

The kids and me would not need a real time recording. It is just that they like doing some 'interesting' noises. Just as like on the real big Yamaha keybord of my father which had been sold for storage space.
It is not yet clear to me what Philips Music module you mean. Is there possibly some link or YT video to watch it in action ?
Which PSG do the Philips-MIDI capble modules use: Internal Yamaha-chip, external FM-Synth or better ?
Is a Carnivore or any other new cartridge supporting adhoc MIDI playback via software, not recording ?
Thanks so far.


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02-10-2019, 20:28

MoonBlaster does not support MIDI as sound output... but to me this sounds like you might want to buy MIDI-PAC

It is kind of a weird hack as from MSX/MoonBlaster point of view it is just a normal Yamaha OPLL sound chip (MSX-MUSIC), but in reality it outputs MIDI-data to external MIDI-keyboard. Good thing is that what ever the MSX music software is that you use, it does not need to support MIDI.

By sinus

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03-10-2019, 10:25

MSXsynth is/was something really promissing to play chiptune in real time MIDI if I properly recall (PSG, SCC, perhaps FM in other versions in development).
But I don't know its status right now, the author has been quiet for a while... but it's already quite usable! Try it!