by hamlet on 14-12-2019, 00:53
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Isitar 7 is a puzzle game for MSX1 made by N.I
It's a game like the classic Lemmings game.
Your object is to guide the mice to the exit.
You can assign the several skills to the mouse.

Relevant link: Download at our data base.
The archive includes the BASIC files and the ROM file for MSX emulator.

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By ToriHino

Paladin (772)

ToriHino의 아바타

14-12-2019, 11:47

Well done Big smile It indeed reminds of Lemmings, but with a twist.

By CASDuino

Champion (279)

CASDuino의 아바타

14-12-2019, 16:56

Converted to CAS

Download from here

By Manuel

Ascended (18850)

Manuel의 아바타

14-12-2019, 21:01

Funny game! Due to the different rules compared to Lemmings, strategies need to be adjusted. For instance, there's infinite number of mice and skills you can assign. Plus, mice collide, so you can stack mice or fill stuff up with mice and make use of that.

Quite a cool achievement for a 32kB MSX1 game!

By N.I

Master (173)

N.I의 아바타

16-12-2019, 06:12

Thanks, Hamlet! Your cover image is very nice as usual.
Lemmings is one of my favorite games. I wanted to have a little more freedom in it. So I made the number of mice infinite in Isitar 7. Try various things with the game.

By fr3nd

Expert (112)

fr3nd의 아바타

16-12-2019, 14:57

Very nice and original game! I've added it to MSXHub:

By ray2day

Paladin (688)

ray2day의 아바타

19-12-2019, 14:31

I like games like this... very funny and very addictive! oO