Pre-order for the new Powergraph Light batch

Pre-order for the new Powergraph Light batch

by rogerio.belarmino on 12-01-2020, 21:36
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Brazilian manufacturer Tecnobytes opens a new pre-order for their successful GFX9k cartridge.
After the successful Christmas sales Tecnobytes are opening the Powergraph Light pre-order with shipping forecast for February 2020.

The price will be 153 USD including world-wide-shipping. There can be shipped three units in one batch.
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By Samor

Paragon (2045)

Samor의 아바타

14-01-2020, 08:16

Recently received mine Smile
Any game/demo recommendations (aside from what is on the powergraph cdrom) ?

By Pencioner

Paragon (1066)

Pencioner의 아바타

14-01-2020, 08:48

@Samor try game called Code Name: Intruder Wink and Kai Magazine has games for 9990 - Life on Earth, Myths and Dragons

By hamlet

Scribe (2876)

hamlet의 아바타

14-01-2020, 09:04