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By TheKid

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14-01-2020, 15:26

Hi there,

I am searching for the MSX 2 remake of who dares wins 2. If someone has this game and wants to trade it, I can trade YS 2 complete in box and manual.

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By hamlet

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14-01-2020, 15:38

I moved the post to the t@c section.
Maybe Ramon can bring one from Spain to Nimega?

By knm1983

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14-01-2020, 15:55

TheKid the Who Dares Wins 2 Remake is available on the msx cartridge shop for 35€. Maybe you can purchase new one.

By TheKid

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14-01-2020, 22:41

Oh sorry, I see this is the place to post Smile
I know the game is for sale on that site, but I want to trade it Smile