Sony LSC-1100 - Hidden MSX2?

By rderooy

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15-01-2020, 16:56

Going through old Japanese MSX Magazines I came across a 2-page article in issue 1987-04 on page 100-101.

It talks about a Sony LSC-1100 MSX2 Terminal that is controlled by a central teacher computer. They have individual keyboards, and from the description seems they can operate independently. They have buttons on the front, for the student to indicate if he understands the material.

It also talks about a piece of software called "Edit Mate", which the teacher can use to create educational material.

I could not find anything about the LSC-1100. The Edit Mate software has a title screen mentioning Stratford CCC, so I'm pretty sure it is a Sony branded version of "ST-EASY", or at least a derivative of it. Does anyone know anything more about this?

The next pages are also interesting;

page 102-103 talks about a Matsushita WE-1000 which is some kind of scanner system that can work with an MSX2 (FS-5500 shown), unclear how it connects. Perhaps it just exports it to a disk which you can then read on the MSX?

Page 104-105 talks about some kind of Coax LAN system with Sanyo MSX computers. They show a MSX2 Sanyo Wavy with a Coax port labelled "SER PORT".

Page 105 talks about some kind of Victor (JVC) AV Control system

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By raymond

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15-01-2020, 19:29

Some interesting finds. Now we need to get our hands on one or more of these machines Big smile

By mars2000you

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15-01-2020, 22:42

The Sony device is mentioned on this Japanese site in the last part named 'Other MSX':

So it's definitely an hidden MSX2 like the XV-J770.