Msx TurboR European In Openmsx

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By sdsnatcher73

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17-02-2020, 15:05

Glad I could help! The ips leaves the VDP running at 60Hz refresh, which makes it okay for ‘international’ but sort of ‘not quite’ for European. I’ll try out the European blueMSX later, I wonder if that runs at 50Hz refresh (if so I’ll see if I can reverse engineer a true European FS-A1GT2 for openMSX Wink

By mars2000you

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17-02-2020, 16:49

The default VDP refresh mode for a specific machine in blueMSX is not so important, as this emulator has a setting that is missing in openMSX: you can force 50Hz or 60Hz even on MSX1 machines, in stead of the default Auto mode.

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