[blueMSX] Emulating OBSONET and TCP-IP UNAPI

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By ducasp

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20-03-2020, 22:45

Cool, once I end my current side project, will look into that... I don't think that starting a new fork and maintain it in parallel, but, perhaps, even if OpenMSX team ultimately decide it is not something they want to pick up, we might end up with one version that can be used to develop unapi tcp-ip software.

Thanks S0urceror and Manuel!

By Manuel

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21-03-2020, 00:03

Pull Requests are most welcome any time!

By flok

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29-03-2020, 22:40

If MSX has spi in some way, you can use the https://www.microchip.com/wwwproducts/en/en022889

By dmr

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29-03-2020, 23:45

Well, that's easy. Either connect an Arduino or an ESP (8266/12E/32/..) to the cartridge port.

Arduino: connect and ENC28J60 "board" (not the chip, but a whole print or an Arduino-Shield). An Arduino can be connected directly to the databus on the cartridge port.

ESP: There are several enthusiasts working on initiatives. An advantage of using ESP is that you don't need ENC28J60 as the ESP already has wifi (and SPI, and RS232, and I2C, etc).

... it requires some soldering, programming and stuff. But you can do it yourself and it is all based on fairly cheap components (about 10 to 30 euro's depending on how nice you want it to be)

Lots of cool developments and more to come ;-)

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