[WTB] Network Cartridge (Ethernet)

By geijoenr

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geijoenr의 아바타

29-03-2020, 10:19

I am looking for a networking cartridge, preferably Ethernet.

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By OeiOeiVogeltje

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OeiOeiVogeltje의 아바타

29-03-2020, 13:04

gr8net or msx-pi or SM-X (although SM-x might be a bit overkill)

By raymond

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29-03-2020, 14:45

Look for the text GR8NET. It states there are still available :-)

By Avkooi

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29-03-2020, 15:25

Hello geljoenr, it's your lucky day! I have one GR8NET as a spare that you can buy from me. You can sent me an email at my msx.org username @ gmail.com

By geijoenr

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29-03-2020, 15:47

@avkooi, thanks but I am not sure I need a GR8NET, it seems to me like it has too much functionality for what I need.
I am just looking for an ethernet card to add networking to Fuzix for MSX.

By geijoenr

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29-03-2020, 18:03

In the end I have bought the GR8NET from Avkooi, it turns out it uses a W5100 Ethernet Chip, which is already partially supported by Fuzix.