Paint it!

Paint it!

by hamlet on 05-04-2020, 20:17
제목: Software
태그: Flood it, SDCC
언어 설정:

Giovanni Nunes, aka plainspooky, has created a new game for the MSX. It is a MSX version of the game Flood-it. In this game you have to "paint" a 16×16 blocks wall in one color.

Painting starts from upper left side, replacing all connected colors from this first block. By the way you have only 28 moves to complete this task. Use the following keys to choose a color:

  • B for Blue
  • C for Cyan
  • G for Green
  • M for Magenta
  • R for Red
  • Y for Yellow

This is a simple game with simple logic, written in SDCC and using some assembly for hardware access.

Relevant link:Download Paint it from the MRC database
Relevant link: details and source code on GitHub.

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댓글 (12)

By mars2000you

Enlighted (5969)

mars2000you의 아바타

05-04-2020, 22:11

Ehmmm .... the MRC link does not work:

"Access denied
You are not authorized to access this page."

By hamlet

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hamlet의 아바타

05-04-2020, 22:22

I'm sorry, should work now.

By mars2000you

Enlighted (5969)

mars2000you의 아바타

05-04-2020, 22:29

Thank you Smile

By Pippo

Champion (505)

Pippo의 아바타

06-04-2020, 10:13

Very nice, Giovanni! Smile
Also, my Congratulations for the algorithm. Smile

By Danjovic

Master (191)

Danjovic의 아바타

07-04-2020, 13:46

Thanks Giovanni for the game and also for sharing the source code.

By spl

Paragon (1470)

spl의 아바타

07-04-2020, 17:14

Great! Thanks very much!!

By TheKid

Paragon (1186)

TheKid의 아바타

08-04-2020, 08:16

Nice challenging game, thanx.

By iamweasel2

Paladin (683)

iamweasel2의 아바타

08-04-2020, 17:46

Really addictive game, thanks for sharing with us, Giovanni. Smile

By FiXato

Scribe (1708)

FiXato의 아바타

08-04-2020, 18:27

Nice one!
I even got my wife to play it as she played those kinds of games quite a bit a few years ago.
My first attempt I won with several moves left, but the second time I completed the field in 28/28 moves. I was a bit surprised that the game counts this as a loss?

(Spelling nitpick: it's "Lose" in this case. ;) "Loose" is the opposite of "tight".)

By PlainSpooky

Resident (53)

PlainSpooky의 아바타

08-04-2020, 21:58

Yes, this is really a typo and already fixed on revision 1... :-)
You can fount it in:

By Parn

Hero (651)

Parn의 아바타

08-04-2020, 22:07

I had the same experience as @FiXato, but I thought I was just not paying attention. I managed to reproduce it and, indeed, when you are at 27/28, you lose in the next round no matter what. It seems to be a bug. Smile Nevertheless, great game, it's a lot of fun as it is.

Am I mistaken or is it enhanced for MSX2?

By FiXato

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FiXato의 아바타

09-04-2020, 04:40

PlainSpooky wrote:

Yes, this is really a typo and already fixed on revision 1... :-)
You can fount it in:

Thanks :)
I've added the revised version to the game's entry in our downloads database. :)