NOP MOD Player v2.0

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By SjaaQ

Master (215)

SjaaQ의 아바타

08-04-2020, 20:52

* MSX1 or higher.
* OPL4 cartridge
* DOS2
* 64KB free memory (so a mapper of 256KB or more I guess)
* Mouse supported

Download beta at:

Will be released this month.

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By erpirao

Paragon (1195)

erpirao의 아바타

08-04-2020, 21:02

o my god, i need this mod player
and a mblaster player as mgsel?

By hamlet

Scribe (3623)

hamlet의 아바타

08-04-2020, 22:12

NOP is in da house (again!)

By Parn

Hero (651)

Parn의 아바타

08-04-2020, 22:16

Very impressive!

By knm1983

Hero (552)

knm1983의 아바타

08-04-2020, 22:18

Wuawww great notice. Thanks NOP Smile Smile

By Giangiacomo Zaffini 2

Master (252)

Giangiacomo Zaffini 2의 아바타

08-04-2020, 23:06

This is big! it makes my day! Thank You! Tongue

By Manuel

Ascended (18079)

Manuel의 아바타

08-04-2020, 23:20

Cool! So next up is more than 4 channel mods? (XM?) Tongue

Amazing that you got that UI like that on MSX1.

By Oscar

Guardian (581)

Oscar의 아바타

10-04-2020, 02:41


MOD Player for MSX1! This is incredible! Congratulatios Shocked!

I am trying to play some MODs in NOP Modplayer 1.2 (2020) and this new 2.0 version and I have some problems. For example, files like cd2part1.mod or cd2part2.mod (from Crystal Dreams 2 demo, very good music) are no played well, everything sounds bad. I tryied to download the files from different places and it seems the problem are not the files. In PC (Modplug player) the files sounds perfectly. What coul be the problem?
And one question more please: do you will add s3m-it-xm support? There are a lot of great tunes in those formats.
Thank you!!

By Oscar

Guardian (581)

Oscar의 아바타

10-04-2020, 02:49

Maybe the error is result of the 128kb sample limit?

By ToriHino

Paladin (719)

ToriHino의 아바타

10-04-2020, 07:27

Oscar wrote:

Maybe the error is result of the 128kb sample limit?

The problem is that these are 8 channel MOD files, which is not yet supported by this player i guess. The do play already in RoboPlay, as can be seen here, so sample limit is not the problem.

By Wlcracks

Champion (438)

Wlcracks의 아바타

10-04-2020, 08:05

Its still a beta, but please report bugs.

9xx commands are hard to implement due to the hardware setup of the OPL4. So if this command is used the mod playing could be problematic. You can see this in the right part on the screen if the 9xx or 8xx commands are used while playing.

Sample memory is the memory in your opl4. We currently use 8bits4ever MSXblaster with 2MB ram on board, to test the player. If you are sure you have enough OPl4 memory for the mod and its still not playing correct, not using the 9xx command and being a standard Amiga mod files running in pt2 clone, please report and specify the mod and hardware configuration. Please do report when using REAL hardware, no emulators please.

I don't think other then mod will be supported because there is no affinity with them.
The same code of the mod player will be used in next NOP release, and the S3m and other formats will not add any value to this project.

I would recommend you get a OPL4 soon oO

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