The Spanish files

The Spanish files

by Pac on 20-04-2020, 18:34
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Following the same example as shown earlier with the Dutch files newspost, now is the turn of the Spanish archive. As we know, Spain was one of the main MSX markets in Europe where Sony, Philips or Mitsubishi heavily invested in their respective advertising campaigns.

You need only search a couple of the most important and oldest Spanish newspapers, La Vanguardia and ABC, to confirm this. This MSX implementation program in schools and a programming contest both by Sony or a full page color advertisement by Philips are clear examples.

On the other hand, revising their archive, we can also find interesting articles about MSX and PC and other technical information or games reviews even a job offer for an analyst programmer with MSX-BASIC knowledge.

Again, we wish you a lot of fun with this time travel!

Relevant link: La Vanguardia archive
Relevant link: ABC archive

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By hamlet

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hamlet의 아바타

20-04-2020, 20:12

Nice! Now I'm waiting for a Bavarian Version!

By Pac

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Pac의 아바타

20-04-2020, 20:49

I hope so LOL! Excellent artwork!

By raulsantacruz

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raulsantacruz의 아바타

21-04-2020, 00:03

Excellent information! MSX history indeed!! (And yes, excellent artwork too ;D ) Smile

By jsepl

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jsepl의 아바타

23-04-2020, 11:42

I still remember when I saw it on the newspaper, back in October 1988. It talks about the beginning of computer games, and it even mentions some Konami games!!

It's wonderful to see Game Master, Nemesis & Nemesis 2 so big in the paper!! And I still have the original page, stuffed somewhere!