Metal Gear Remix v1.995

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By Nekura_Hoka

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16-05-2020, 00:03

I am, or was, Nekura_Hoka. Sorry for the new name, but Nekura_Hoka is associated with a defunct 15-year-old email address. I would love it if a dev could fix that, if possible. I am running a small tumblr blog with a couple posts regarding the recent work. There are some politically related posts on that site, but I have a link at the top of the blog that will just show the MGR related content. It's not my intent to rile anyone up.

I am the coder for the Metal Gear Remix project. I'm trying to recover some of my old logins to get the word out that I have a new, final, release for the project. I revisited this, because I was feeling nostalgic during this pandemic shut down and I've had plenty of time to put some work in.

First, I'm sorry to anyone who experienced the epilogue bug with the 1.9 patch. The message was still in the game, but the pointer in the array was for the wrong address. Good news is that I fixed it in v1.91, and I have a new release for the project, version 1.995. I've done a full play through and everything is working nicely. Unless there's some other bug or issue, it will be the final release. I have sent an update to for their entry on the Metal Gear Remix translation, but it will be in review for some time, I think. I will also be sending it to some other sites as I attempt to recover old logins.

I am hosting the patch on Google Drive at:

A readme is included and the patch works like the others, with an IPS patcher. Aside from the bug fix, the script has been fleshed out and re-edited. Space limitations with previous versions, and the time it took to do edits and tests, meant that language was always parsed for brevity. I've been able to edit the script in such a way that it comes off much more naturally to English speakers. It's true to Kojima's work and is a more enjoyable experience overall now. I'm really proud of it and hope that other people can enjoy it.

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By sdsnatcher73

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16-05-2020, 07:02

Hi Nekura_Hoka, good to see you’re well and have been busy to give us a new version of this project! Thanks a lot.

By gdx

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16-05-2020, 10:20

Nice, thanks!

Two remarks in passing:

- Checksum MD5 is rarely used in the MSX world, and the ROM with the checksum MD5=439ea985617135d70858f0e6f88ba0f9 is not the original but the version on which the patch "Region protection free" was applied. Checksum of original ROM is SHA1=a52021f1b257c7c35d626d5d642134091c45e4f4.

- Where can we find the v1.91?

By tfh

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16-05-2020, 12:22

For the lazy ones (or the people who don't know how to use .IPS files), I've added the already patched .ROM to the download section of my site in the appropiate section.

If you're having troubles finding the correct location, it might help to have a look at the updates section of

By leaveyourego

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16-05-2020, 16:00

Thanks to you all! I appreciate the effort to spread this around.

I didn't realize the Japanese copy I had was already patched. I'm curious whether the patch will still work with an original copy. It should unless there are structural differences in the memory space between the original and the region free version. Might test that later.

v1.91 was never released, but I'll host it on the same Google Drive. I think I may look into resurrecting some form of my old website to serve as a central location for the patches and information. Enjoy whichever version you like best. I'd like people to keep in mind that 1.995 is really the intended experience of the project. I've been proud of the prior work, but it's never met the hopes that for it until now.

Kinda hope Takamichi is around somewhere and picks up on this, I'd love for him to see it. Can't thank him enough.

By Zandig Slaytanic

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16-05-2020, 19:10

Thank you for the updated patch. Perfect time to play again with this patch.

By Takamichi

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17-05-2020, 14:15

I am here. Tried the IPS patch on the same Japanese ROM we used before. The patched file ran fine on most emulators but not on the WebMSX so I added [Konami] to the end of the filename and now it's running fine.
So far I haven't found any difference from the previous but I'll see how, say, "uniform?" quote has changed. Wink
Edit: Was the binocular displayed "Scope" in the F3 screen before?
The prisoner in the 2nd floor says "The Fox Hounder who infiltrated a few day sago is safe." Did "day sago" happened because of the new text display?

By ro

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17-05-2020, 14:38

Hai, you want to get registered under another e-mail? like the one u use under yer current leaveyourego name? I can fix that. But I somehow need proof you are one and the same person.

By leaveyourego

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17-05-2020, 15:57

Takamichi! Great to read from you.

Scope was always used in the equipment screen for our patches. The screen only allows names of a certain length (can't remember what it is, 6 or 7 characters), so anything longer has to be abbreviated. With the binoculars, I matched the short item name to later titles where it's listed as "Scope" even though it is often referred to by other names in the same title's dialogue. MGS is an example. I think at one point 15 years ago we were looking at "Binoc" but I think it's too unclear.

The uniform, body armor, and cardboard box messages are changed to include Big Boss/Snake's characteristic ", huh?" This is not in the original script, of course. I wanted this added to signal to the player that the message wasn't going to be completely serious or helpful. Big Boss/Snake says this when he's being playfully confrontational in later games, and I thought it would help with the humor of the line that follows in each message. It's a creative addition, and I understand not everyone will be 100% OK with it.

Also of note is the Body Armor line which is originally "Don't use it if you are a man." was altered to "A tough guy won't use it." The original version is accurate translation, but cumbersome. The alteration was to keep the intent that Big Boss is poking at Snake here, while sounding the way an American would say it. At this stage in the game, Snake is already "going too far" and Big Boss' messages have decreased in frequency, because he doesn't want to help Snake. This line is more fluid sounding to a US player, and still uses a gender stereotype try and prod the player/Snake to not use the item.

Good spot about the prisoner. I've fixed it and uploaded the updated version to the same Google Drive link. I'm going to hold off on updating other websites until later, in case we find other small errors. You're right, the error had to do with the compression, but all parts of the compression were involved rather complicatedly. I inserted a line break before days, and it's corrected.

If anyone notices any other issues, please note them here. With the new system I've set up, I can correct them in minutes and have corrected versions out. As Big Boss might say, "I want this to be Metal Gear, the final version!"

ro, thank you for offering. I'm not sure what I could provide in the way of proof. I have all the archival information from this project, but that wouldn't be anything you could verify.

By ro

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17-05-2020, 18:38

Reactivated nekura-hoka and changed the topic author on this topic. So leaveyourego equals nekura-hoka :)

By ro

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17-05-2020, 18:49

Nice work btw. Did a quick test-run, the message tells me "you found binocular", but it is called Scope" in the item list. But it's prolly cuz of the short amount of chars that you can use in the item screen. Same goes for "gass mask" vs "g.mask" Smile
Alright, move on people.

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