A little typo in the Extended Bios-page

By Bengalack

Master (166)

Bengalack의 아바타

19-05-2020, 17:20

Just to let you know that this line in Extended bios page is off by one:


it should be


Now, this is a wiki, so usually I could just update it myself. But I believe I have come across discussions with the topic of editing pages, somewhere, where restrictions were mentioned. So... what is the policy on updating the pages?

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By Manuel

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Manuel의 아바타

19-05-2020, 21:40

If you're sure about what you're doing, update it and ask for someone to review. Or ask up front like this. If people agree, then you can just edit it.

Most people bluntly edit. I appreciate you go for a review first! On the other hand: the fact that the barrier is low, helps to get more information on that Wiki in a faster pace.

By Bengalack

Master (166)

Bengalack의 아바타

20-05-2020, 09:21

Ok, I edited it. Thanks. I have tested the code. It is also correctly documented here: http://map.grauw.nl/resources/dos2_environment.php#c5_2