MSXdev’20 #04 – Yazzie Remastered

MSXdev’20 #04 – Yazzie Remastered

by hamlet on 24-05-2020, 01:52
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Here comes a new challenger! Yazzie MSX Remastered, and as the label “MSX Remastered” says, this is a totally rebuilt game made from the original Yazzie, which is of course even more fun.

The target in the game is to collect all of the gold blocks in every level screen while avoiding enemies and traps. Also, we can use picks to make our way by breaking the floor. Finally, there are dangerous mines laying about, so take caution of those.

The initial first levels are quite easy – they are basically tutorials to get to know our character’s abilities, but after that everything turns out more and more difficult. 30 levels may not sound like much, but there is still quite some challenge in completing all of them.

As the list of improvements is quite large, we’ll just point out the most remarkable:

  • 10 more levels added
  • Redrawn sprites and different color palettes (MSX2 or higher)
  • User can make custom levels and play them directly in the game
  • Level load from disk
  • Now fully compliant to the MSX coding guidelines and passes both AcidTests
  • Severe bugfixing

You can read the complete list in the download file.

Relevant link:
MSXdev download

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  • MSXdev’20 #04 – Yazzie Remastered
  • MSXdev’20 #04 – Yazzie Remastered
  • MSXdev’20 #04 – Yazzie Remastered
  • MSXdev’20 #04 – Yazzie Remastered
  • MSXdev’20 #04 – Yazzie Remastered
  • MSXdev’20 #04 – Yazzie Remastered

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By Pippo

Champion (457)

Pippo의 아바타

24-05-2020, 07:05

Excellent, excellent new version, really! Big smile
My Congratulations and many, many thanks for sharing. Big smile

By tfh

Prophet (2405)

tfh의 아바타

24-05-2020, 12:07

And you can play Yazzie Remastered online in your browser here:

BTW, love the artwork for this newspost!

By Pippo

Champion (457)

Pippo의 아바타

24-05-2020, 13:39

Thank you, Tfh. Smile

By CASDuino

Master (158)

CASDuino의 아바타

26-05-2020, 21:32

Created a CAS file that can be downloaded from here.

By Metalion

Paragon (1203)

Metalion의 아바타

27-05-2020, 12:46

Very nice !

By sd_snatcher

Prophet (3348)

sd_snatcher의 아바타

03-06-2020, 13:39

Just a clarification, since some people asked me in pvt:

This is not just a coat of paint on Yazzie. It has much smarter enemies, and you have to develop strategies on how to fool them if you want to progress any further than the first tutorial-type levels.

This means that a “Metal Gear like” feeling was added: instead of just rushing through the mazes, you now have to sneak, lure and be aware of how your actions affect the enemies all the time.

Many more complex puzzles were added, to give also a warm King’s Valley franchise flashback feeling to the player.

And you can now design (on an external editor) and play your own stages, like the King's Valley franchise.

So, in essence, it's still Yazzie, but refined. Smile

By ren

Paragon (1521)

ren의 아바타

03-06-2020, 14:11

Yes, I did see the impressive changes list Smile

Thanks for this extended version! (I did feel the original was kinda short indeed Smile)

Some feedback on the title screen (as it has been subject of discussion before I believe, and I think you'd like to hear): IMO the purple blocks are a bit too harsh, and the 'MSX Remastered' logo doesn't blend that well. Other than that: very nice work (still have to play it (properly) though) !

By poke-1,170

Paragon (1761)

poke-1,170의 아바타

12-06-2020, 00:07

what a lovely game Smile just finished it , amazing levels that require a lot of restarts before you get what needs to be done. Clever (and annoying haha) enemies too. Thanks for providing me with some fine evening entertainmen Big smile