NOP MOD Player Version 2.0

NOP MOD Player Version 2.0

by hamlet on 16-06-2020, 21:43
제목: Music
태그: audio, music, nop, player
언어 설정:

The guys from NOP did it again!
Rewritten GUI, made it MSX1 compatible, dropped DOS1 support to improve their famous music player.
Now there is a manual available from inside the application and added command line for switches and sub directory support.
Also improved is:

  • Recalculated the tuning table and confirmed with external devices.
  • Switched from timer1 to timer2.
  • Added callbacks in player code.
  • Added command 8 (panning support).
  • Added command 9 (sample offset), for 97 sample/offset combinations.
  • Several bugfixes in player code.

If you don't know the MOD player you will be impressed, if you already knew the former versions you will freak out!

Relevated links: Download from NOP homepage

댓글 (8)

By erpirao

Paragon (1117)

erpirao의 아바타

16-06-2020, 22:27

Great update
Thanks N.O.P.

By knm1983

Hero (516)

knm1983의 아바타

16-06-2020, 22:50

Great Work , incredible sound on Music Mod’s.
The Best Mod Player , thanks a lot Smile Smile

By edoz

Prophet (2311)

edoz의 아바타

17-06-2020, 13:26

Thanks! Really love the new MOD player!

By Parn

Hero (626)

Parn의 아바타

17-06-2020, 14:15

Very, very impressive. Just lovely.

By SjaaQ

Master (165)

SjaaQ의 아바타

18-06-2020, 21:37

Thanks people!

By bear77

Rookie (25)

bear77의 아바타

26-08-2020, 16:29

Hey SjaaQ, the downloadlinks on the NOP site does not work anymore

By SjaaQ

Master (165)

SjaaQ의 아바타

28-08-2020, 20:49

Fixed. These were the links to the old version (v1.2).

By bear77

Rookie (25)

bear77의 아바타

30-08-2020, 10:35

Thank you so much!