ULA5RA087 of SVI-738 reverse engineered

by lkpalwa on 31-07-2020, 01:21
제목: Hardware
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Check it out! Alexis Valenzuela (MRC user @lkpalwa) get reverse engineering of that pretty ULA5RA087.

Relevant link: InfoDocMsx Website

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By lintweaker

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lintweaker의 아바타

31-07-2020, 11:30

Nice job! Should be doable to get all the logic in a PLD like device.

By lkpalwa

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lkpalwa의 아바타

31-07-2020, 12:58

Jepp that is the plan Wink

By sd_snatcher

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sd_snatcher의 아바타

01-08-2020, 15:19

Maybe it's a good idea to state in the news post that this is related to the Spectravideo SVI-738? Otherwise most people won't know what this is good for. Smile

By ro

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ro의 아바타

10-08-2020, 18:45

Yeah, this was posted without review and therefor misses context. Oh well..