Mega Drive Joystick on MSX

By Shinobi

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16-08-2020, 00:46

I remember when I was a kid, I had MSX AX-170 and used a SEGA Mega Drive Joystick with it to play games.
Now I read on the internet that it is not compatible.
Now I have an MSX AX-200 fixed a lot of stuff with it and I have a Mega Drive Joystick but I am afraid to use it until I am sure with it. Is is compatible AND SAFE to use on MSX??

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By Emphy

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16-08-2020, 05:55

Mega drive controllers are **not** compatible with the msx joystick standard. You will need to either modify the controller or use an adapter like the JoyMega if you want to use it with the msx.

By gdx

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16-08-2020, 12:47