Mini MSX Philips VG-8020 with RetroPie

By albs_br

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16-08-2020, 06:44

Not sure neither if it wasn't posted before nor if it's the right subforum, but anyway:

3D printed case for Raspberry Pi in the format of the classic european MSX (the most popular model on Europe, maybe?), with water decals and some clever solutions inside.

Maybe someday I make one for the Gradiente Expert, with a funcional monitor using LCD screen (I have 2 or 3 lying down somewhere, from unfinished Raspberry projects).

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By lintweaker

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16-08-2020, 10:30

Quite a lot of effort went into that, looks very nice!

By Thom

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16-08-2020, 15:04

This movie deserves to be watched!

How did you know in advance how much space you needed inside the mini to be able to connect al the wires? It looks very tight.

By albs_br

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16-08-2020, 15:44

The project isn't mine. Maybe the author is an user here, or you ay ask him on YouTube.

By ToriHino

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16-08-2020, 18:30

And nice detail to put in on a Philips TV Smile