Dumb ones & Parrots is fourth production by Carambalán Studios after Burn Us, Burn Us Exp and Escape M&C (a prequel of Dumb ones & Parrots made with DAAD). This new release consist of a dungeon crawler style game for MSX2 with pseudo-3D view including some elements of the old 8 bit systems and their known rivalry.

This production features 2 different game modes:

  • 1 player: our mission consists of finishing 4 dungeons stages. Find a key with the help of some items and fight against lots of enemies if you want to reach the next level.
  • 2 players: a battle mode with your friends, be the first to exit the dungeon!

Technical specifications:

  • MSX2 (megarom of more than 1,5 MB).
  • MSX-MUSIC sound.
  • PSG sound for FX.
  • English and Spanish texts (game, box and manual).
  • Full color box and manual plus a cushion to hold the cartridge.

The pre-order process of this game has just started, from now until the end of October. Orders processing will be from end of October to the end of December and delivery during January 2021. If you want a copy, please contact them here: benjacarambalan@gmail.com

Final price is 47 € (shipping not included). Pictures attached are prototypes, so they may not represent the actual
quality of the product.

Relevant link: Web site
Relevant link: Dumb ones & Parrots trailer
Relevant link: Carambalán Studios on Twitter

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  • Dumb ones & Parrots for MSX2 by Carambalán Studios available for pre-order
  • Dumb ones & Parrots for MSX2 by Carambalán Studios available for pre-order
  • Dumb ones & Parrots for MSX2 by Carambalán Studios available for pre-order
  • Dumb ones & Parrots for MSX2 by Carambalán Studios available for pre-order
  • Dumb ones & Parrots for MSX2 by Carambalán Studios available for pre-order
  • Dumb ones & Parrots for MSX2 by Carambalán Studios available for pre-order
  • Dumb ones & Parrots for MSX2 by Carambalán Studios available for pre-order

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By salutte

Expert (112)

salutte의 아바타

01-09-2020, 13:14

pre-ordered mine!

By konamiman

Paragon (1092)

konamiman의 아바타

02-09-2020, 08:58

The joke in the original title of the game is lost in translation so here's an explanation for the non-Spanish-savvy people: "Marrones & Cotorras" (literally "Browns & Parrots") sounds similar to "Dragones & Mazmorras", which is the Spanish name of Dungeons & Dragons. Smile

By Gloriou

Master (183)

Gloriou의 아바타

03-09-2020, 21:50

ooh nice
A unique styled MSX Game. Can't wait Smile

By tvalenca

Paladin (747)

tvalenca의 아바타

08-09-2020, 15:30

Despite the exelent explanation given by konamiman, when I read "Dumb ones & Parrots" I get all triggered and think it should be "translated" (not really a translation) as "Donkeys & Parrots"

For those who ask why: A donkey is a fairly common animal here in Brazil called "burro", which also is portuguese to "dumb" as in "not intelligent person". (I just learned they're also common in Spain and Portugal)

By Manuel

Ascended (17293)

Manuel의 아바타

08-09-2020, 23:13

Yeah, the English title sounds a bit clunky indeed. Quite unnatural at least. But I'm not a native English speaker anyway.

By TroMax

Master (253)

TroMax의 아바타

22-09-2020, 09:11

Hello team. Carambalán already has a website

Carambalán Studios


By Benjamín

Supporter (3)

Benjamín의 아바타

22-09-2020, 10:09

Hi everyone:

Thanks for the feedback. Any idea is welcome.

I just wanted to make clear that, although we lose a set of words in Spanish when translating it into English, we win another.

Dumb ones & Parrots sounds like Dungeons & Dragons, and great care has been taken that these words weren't random or just to cover the need for pun.

This means that, during the game, the meaning of these words is discovered, whether you play in Spanish or in English.

But to discover that ... you will have to buy it ...; D

By TroMax

Master (253)

TroMax의 아바타

21-10-2020, 17:41

By TroMax

Master (253)

TroMax의 아바타

01-11-2020, 20:49

Hi, everyone!

Today we start manufacturing the DUMB ONES &PARROTS units you ordered. Due to current situation, we don't know how long it will take to make them, but we hope to meet the proposed dates.

We also inform you that we have decided not to close the pre-sale. While we prepare this first edition, we will leave open the possibility of ordering until further notice.

We hope you will soon be able to enjoy your M&C at home.

A hug and take care.

By TroMax

Master (253)

TroMax의 아바타

18-11-2020, 19:52


Hello, MSX maniacs:

We inform you of something important that we may not have made clear in the previous messages. This premiere edition of the game is a deluxe one that, once we run out of stocks, WILL NOT BE RE-RELEASED. Later, the game will be available for sale in a much simpler edition through the website. But that will be when the different confinements that are taking place around the world give us a break and allow us to access materials easily and at stable prices.

At the time of writing this, we’ve still got 12 units of this special premiere edition.

If you are interested, don't be late.

Thank you for your attention. And remember... long live Givemehard!

By OeiOeiVogeltje

Paragon (1382)

OeiOeiVogeltje의 아바타

18-11-2020, 23:41

mail sent

By Xan0ri

Master (171)

Xan0ri의 아바타

29-11-2020, 12:53

mail sent

By TroMax

Master (253)

TroMax의 아바타

22-12-2020, 16:23

This edition is limited ...
And it holds some surprises that are not seen in the picture.
If you want it ... There are still some units.

Get in contact with us: benjacarambalan@gmail.com

By Xan0ri

Master (171)

Xan0ri의 아바타

13-01-2021, 21:58

I received the deluxe edition box few days ago. It is very nice looking and good quality stuff!
Holds some extra also Wink

By hashem

Resident (59)

hashem의 아바타

15-01-2021, 00:52

very nice game,,,im now in level 3 Smile

By hashem

Resident (59)

hashem의 아바타

16-01-2021, 01:13

i finished the game totally 4 dungeons Smile