MSXdev’20 jury revealed

by MSXdev Team on 11-09-2020, 02:43
제목: Challenges
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Any contest needs a jury. And luckily, this year's edition of MSXdev has one too.
If you would like to find out what individuals the jury panel was comprised of, don't hesitate and click on the link below to find it out at MSXdev's crib.

Relevant link: Official MSXdev site

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By Uninteresting

Master (167)

Uninteresting의 아바타

11-09-2020, 06:20

Many thanks for the hard work done by the MSXdev team. Seriously.

By Bodhi1969

Expert (70)

Bodhi1969의 아바타

11-09-2020, 08:17

I agree with the previous speaker and must say that you are doing a very good job. Big smile

By tfh

Prophet (2409)

tfh의 아바타

11-09-2020, 08:31

I would like to thank Konamito & John Hassink for their great work with this competition and all the time they have invested in it. This also goes for Jon Cortazar and Eduardo Robsy who started it in the first place. Together with the contestants you have given us a lot of great games to play on our beloved machines.
Thanks again!

By santiontanon

Paragon (1092)

santiontanon의 아바타

11-09-2020, 09:44


Thanks a lot for all your work, which provided the necessary motivation for us to dedicate time to our games!!! Big smile

By Timmy

Expert (128)

Timmy의 아바타

17-09-2020, 23:49


Well done, thanks everyone!

By AnsiStar

Resident (36)

AnsiStar의 아바타

18-09-2020, 10:16

I have to thank too. Because I`am new in this place. My MSX were unused for at least 25 years. The MSXdev is a great orientation for me to find good games. Not only the 2020 competition. My regards! Wink