Looking for some old (dutch) Music Disks

By Sylvester

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15-09-2020, 18:44

Hi, on Generation-MSX we have added all music disks that are reviewed in the Dutch MCCM magazine, most of them can be found here in the downloads db, but some of them I couldn't find yet. If you have on of them, please let me know so I can update the info with some screenshots Smile

  • 4TRAX SongBook #2 (4TRAX)
  • ACE Music Disk #1 (ACE)
  • ACE Music Disk #2 (ACE)
  • Jokl (NMC)
  • M.U.S.I.C. (TNI)
  • Maestro's RagBag (TNI)
  • Maestro /EBM Music Collection (MSX Club Overijssel/Drenthe)
  • Rave Dome (Pascal Oldenzeel)
  • Soundgallery #2 (New Image Federation)
  • Soundgallery PRO (MSX Club Overijssel/Drenthe)
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