Came across a box full of old Japanese MSX games

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By mindraider

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07-11-2020, 23:19

Hello there, directed from reddit to post here. I happened to have a bunch of MSX games dropped in my lap from my sister-in-law who is Japanese. Some very obscure ones in here. A large portion of them are still in their original box + manual. Is there a market for these Japanese games in America? If so I may end up selling a few, maybe on this forum if it is possible.

Any direction or advice is appreciated. Thanks!

I can upload photos if you're interested.

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By mindraider

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mindraider의 아바타

08-11-2020, 01:38

By wbahnassi

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wbahnassi의 아바타

08-11-2020, 03:24

It's a nice surprise collection. I'm sure several people will be interested in those games if you would like to sell them, especially if the games are complete (box and manual).

By mindraider

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mindraider의 아바타

08-11-2020, 03:26

Thank you. How should I go about making a sale post? Sorry I've not done this before. Should I create a new post?

By TheClash603

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08-11-2020, 03:49

I am in the U.S. and typically can't find games without having to import. There are a few in that lot I don't have, and I'd be interested if the price is fair. is my email if you want to shoot over an idea of what you are looking to get for the lot.

Alternatively, if you start auctions on eBay at $1 and let them run for a week, you should get the market value. That's the easiest way to sell something if you don't know the price. Also it is a much safer avenue for the buyer, than a forum post. That safety may be best for both parties, as it could get you a higher amount. Just make sure to put MSX and the correct name of the game in the auction title and you will be all set.

By mindraider

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mindraider의 아바타

08-11-2020, 04:21

I appreciate the advice. Been mulling it over and I think I am going to go the eBay route because as you mentioned I have that security net in the event one side doesn't hold up.

Few questions anyone can chime in:

Going through the games, some of them do not have English titles making it difficult to list on eBay.

1. Dragon Quest II
2. Twin Bee
3. ???
4. Door Door MK II???
5. ???
6. Dragon Quest
7. Ninja JaJaMaru Kun?
8. The Castle
9. Romancia
10. King Knight, I am assuming
11. J.P. Winkle
12. I believe this is Penguin Adventure
13. The Goonies
14. Gradius 2
15. The Legend of Kage
16. ???
17. Wiz?
18. (1) Rally-X (2) Circus Charlie (3) Antarctic Adventure (4) Pyramid Warp

By Juanmi

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08-11-2020, 06:16

3. Alice's Adventure in Wonderland
4. (Yes)
5. Tricky
7. (Yes)
12. (Yes)
16. Adventure of a small cat - Chibi goes on adventure
17. Magical Kid Wiz

Your sister-in-law was really lucky to enjoy those games back in the day Smile

By mindraider

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mindraider의 아바타

08-11-2020, 07:56

Arigatou Gozaimasu! LOL!

By st1mpy

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st1mpy의 아바타

08-11-2020, 09:06

7 is not Jajamaru-kun which is a different game, it is "Ninja Kun"
10 is "King's Knight"

On ebay, you should list whether it has an instruction manual inside the box or not, and whether it is a tape game or cartridge.

By mindraider

Supporter (12)

mindraider의 아바타

08-11-2020, 09:47

Thanks for the corrections. Yeah, I am going to take proper photos once I prep everything for the eBay listings, inside and out. Do tape games typically go for more than cartridge versions?

By syn

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syn의 아바타

08-11-2020, 15:24

nah generally cartridge games are in more demand.. ofcourse not every game was released on cartridge though.

Tapegames take 5~10 minutes to load or something like that.

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