Uable to run The Games Collection (1988)(Eurosoft) - MSX Basic appears after CTRL + reset

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By djh1697

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26-11-2020, 23:52

If memory serves me correctly, Eurosoft (Aackosoft) used a copy protection system where the original disks had some unformatted sectors on them, what they did was check for an error, if it came back with an error the game would run.

It might well be easier if you look for the games elsewhere, the MSXmania collection may well contain the games?

By FiXato

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27-11-2020, 00:05

Hmm, I tried with the TOSEC dump of the first two disks too, but I can't get them to work either.
The menu indeed loads, but selecting a game brings you to BASIC without any error.
FILES indeed only shows a list of files with numbers as extensions. No .BAS or .LDR, not even an autoexec.bas.
Trying to run one of them directly with LOAD or BLOAD will result in a Direct Statement In File, or a Bad File Mode error.
I'm guessing the menu has loader code for this, but for some reason isn't working properly. Perhaps a bad dump?

I've tried myself with both BlueMSX and openMSX; on the latter with a Philips NMS 8250 and a Sony Hitbit HB-F1XD.

Haven't tried the cassette images yet.

By Sylvester

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27-11-2020, 20:07

I also checked the files on the MCCM cd's, but they also have the same problem. The disk seems to start some kind of MSXDOS version where game.000 is the, because if you start a disk with plain MSXDOS and rename game.000 to you can start the menu. But i guess this menu also contains the loader for the games including some kind of copy protection. So we need to wait till somebody creates DMK files of it, or removes the copy protection from the disks.

The disks all have text FEROBE v4 in the boot sector, was this some kind of program that you could use to create those disks?
did some search on the internet, but couldn't find anything about it.

By stoc

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27-11-2020, 20:56

Manuel, thank you! I sent you an email today

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