Jan Smit passed away...

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By Manuel

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Manuel의 아바타

24-01-2021, 15:08

As FiXato told me, apparently he was member of Genic: https://www.msx.org/wiki/Category:Genic and he seems to have run the BCF BBS: https://www.msxcomputermagazine.nl/mccm/millennium/milc/mode... (that seems to link him to BCF, which had the Snout character in their productions).

But as Jan Smit is a very common name, there may have been multiple in the MSX scene.

Anyways, my condolences...

By jltursan

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jltursan의 아바타

24-01-2021, 20:34

I’m so very sorry for this new loss. Rest in peace.

By Bodhi1969

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Bodhi1969의 아바타

25-01-2021, 11:17

Very sad. May he have a prosperous reincarnation. ()

By edoz

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edoz의 아바타

25-01-2021, 14:42

I remember him from the BCF BBS ...Back then i had my own BBS (OmegaBBS) .. to bad he passed away.. Rest in peace....

By Ivan

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Ivan의 아바타

26-01-2021, 19:34

RIP. Covid is a calamity for the world Sad

By thegeps

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thegeps의 아바타

27-01-2021, 08:00


By TheKid

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TheKid의 아바타

27-01-2021, 08:20

Although I didn't know him, it's always sad to lose someone, especialy by corona and especially a fellow MSX-er. RIP Jan.

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