Mega Flash Rom and CAS file. Better system?

By DaikuMaryuGaiking

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31-01-2021, 16:55

I wanted to know if there is something to better manage CAS files via Mega Flash Rom and / or Sofa Run, or whatever.
When I use Sofarun only some CASs are fully loaded, most of the time the loading is not finished.
I currently use MSX2CAS for CAS, but obviously it's slow.

I'm looking for some better system.

Thank you.

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By st1mpy

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31-01-2021, 22:55

I think the cas file loading can be improved. Currently there is no perfect solution.

Idea 1 , it should be a cartridge with a sd card which can be browsed for a cas file on a small display. The cartridge should have a rom that makes a hook to the cassette loading and saving routines, and everytime a cassette routine is called, it reads from sd card and return the data, or write to sd card. Or the hook just calls the equivalent disk routine everytime a cassette routine is called.

Idea 2 , its a cartridge like above with sd and display, but with a memory, that expands the memory of msx used only for loading the cas file from sd card. Select a cas file in the display, press load to copy it to the memory, and to make it run may be a reset (need to make it so that the memory content don't get wiped).

I would eventually get to design these things, but I'm trying to finish my other projects like the pac sram clone, pc engine develo cart, synth sync connector to joyport (improving on joytracker design), external psg cart etc...