Selling my MSX collection

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By htdreams

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11-02-2021, 17:20

Hi Darren

I'm really interested in the graphics tablet, I have a wacom for drawing in the PC, and I've done sprite animation for msx games in ASEsprite, but would really love to use a graphic tablet in the msx itself for some graphics (at least general drawing, for serious animation I'm pretty sure ASEsprite is way better :-D )

Also, depending on price/shipping cost, i'm interested in the robot arm

If you can provide photos, and price/shipping cost to Spain (postal codel 15541) that would be great :-)

By djh1697

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11-02-2021, 20:37

Darren Green wrote:

Hi All
I'm selling my MSX collection,I live in the United Kingdom

where in the uk?

By Darren Green

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11-02-2021, 22:42

I'm in middlesbrough, North East England for those who have asked on here and by email to me.
Just trying to test what I'm able too over the weekend.

By AnsiStar

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13-02-2021, 14:46

Hi Manuel! Wow, I`m very impressed! Sensational!! Wink

By MajorTOM

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13-02-2021, 21:14

Manuel wrote:

I'm interested in any item that is not in my collection yet. That might be books, tape or disk games, cartridges... As you didn't specify a list I can't check exactly what I would like to have... This is my collection at the moment:

Increible Manuel!!! congratulations ! awesome collection....
Si te interesa alguna vez intercambiar algún cartucho ya me dices...


By Tolvatar

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14-02-2021, 13:03

I send you an email, but no response yet

By sdsnatcher73

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14-02-2021, 15:15

Be patient, I suspect Darren has been overloaded with interest and we need to give him some time to organize and respond.

By colum26

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03-05-2021, 15:53


By the Allemagne

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11-10-2021, 16:18

hi Manuel,
you write in your hardware list, that you have a 80 column card from Spectravideo
this card was sell with a disk with MSX DOS with the programm for a 80 column depiction on the screen
do you have this disk
best regards

By Briqunullus

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11-10-2021, 17:11

You've got mail

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