MSXdev21 #3 Reflexion

MSXdev21 #3 Reflexion

by MSXdev Team on 02-03-2021, 13:19
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MRC user Jipe has entered MSXdev21 with an addictive game called Reflexion. It's a very quickly paced reaction game, based on a PC game by Juho Pohjonen.

Flip the mirrors fast, but wisely to steer the lightning fast projectile into the right directions. Get it right, clear the screen and reach the goal! You can read all about this entry on the website

Contestants have until the end of August to submit their entries. If you are enjoying this MSXdev game, why not consider donating to the price money. 100% of the donations will go to the game developers.

The MSXdev21 contest runs from Jan 1st to Sep 1st, 2021.

relevant link: MSXdev'21 #3 - Reflexion
relevant link: Play online

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댓글 (14)

By Jipe

Paragon (1499)

Jipe의 아바타

02-03-2021, 14:11

the link for download no work
play on line is ok

By MSXdev Team

Master (224)

MSXdev Team의 아바타

02-03-2021, 14:12

Thank you for mentioning, Jipe! Smile
We'll try to fix both this and the previous entry download links as soon as possible.
Apologies for the delay.

By tfh

Prophet (2943)

tfh의 아바타

02-03-2021, 14:22

I already had quite some fun with this game. Very nicely executed, Jipe!

By ro

Scribe (4453)

ro의 아바타

02-03-2021, 15:05

Download link fixed, thanx.

By Jipe

Paragon (1499)

Jipe의 아바타

02-03-2021, 15:44

tip for this game : CTRL + STOP disable sound STOP enable sound Wink

@tfh thank for your comment Smile

By Metalion

Paragon (1430)

Metalion의 아바타

02-03-2021, 16:56

Hello Jipe,
Playing online does not seem to work ...
I press on "S" but bothing happens.

By Jipe

Paragon (1499)

Jipe의 아바타

02-03-2021, 18:22

@Metalion : it's a brain test for MSX users Wink

just move the green arrow with cursors keys and click whith Space on the big (S) blue Shocked!

By santiontanon

Paragon (1453)

santiontanon의 아바타

02-03-2021, 22:15

haha, I had the same problem, I had to press every single key in the keyboard until I realize that the arrow keys move the pointer Smile

By Sebbeug

Champion (319)

Sebbeug의 아바타

05-03-2021, 18:00

Nice one Jipe ! Thank you.

By Gloriou

Master (204)

Gloriou의 아바타

05-03-2021, 18:53

Nice one Jipe
Thank you Smile

By Jipe

Paragon (1499)

Jipe의 아바타

06-03-2021, 19:28

can you post here what stage you arrive at?

By Zilog80ASMer

Supporter (3)

Zilog80ASMer의 아바타

07-03-2021, 13:10

Hi Jipe,

So far I can't get past the symmetry stage (stage 3)-I get as far as
"one MSX logo" left adjacent to the 'E';- I guess I missed something obvious
so I'll try again later to attempt to complete the game.
I am trying to complete all the games-so far I have completed the other two games
in MSXDEV '21 tools blocks, and obviously, my own game-Bookworm.

By Jipe

Paragon (1499)

Jipe의 아바타

07-03-2021, 18:31

Hi Zilog80ASMer
I tested all the levels over and over and they are achievable
the name simmetry should help on how to do this
if the symmetrical MSX is removed you are on the right track

By gdx

Enlighted (4634)

gdx의 아바타

18-08-2021, 12:04

Nice puzzle game!