MSX Floppy Disk Manager is a nice disk tool developed by Takkun Soft which lets us work with floppy disk images on Microsoft Windows environment. The development of this software started in April 2019 with the Alpha version, after some releases and with the help from the MSX community regarding language support, this sofware has evolved to the current version.

The main features are:

  • Windows7/8/8.1/10.
  • .NET Framework Version 4.7.2 or higher.
  • DSK-->FD and FD-->DSK operations.
  • Both MSX-DOS and MSX-DOS2 formats supported.
  • 1DD/2DD/SAV (MSX PLAYer).
  • 2DD real floppy disk format.
  • Multilingual support (Japanese, English, Korean, Portuguese and Spanish). Language is set automatically.

Relevant link: MSX Floppy Disk Manager download at Takkun Soft's blog
Relevant link: Takkun Soft on Twitter

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By TheKid

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05-03-2021, 23:53

hmm, 404 on the download link..

By Pac

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06-03-2021, 00:07

Already fixed.

By TheKid

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06-03-2021, 00:10

That's super fast Smile Thanx

By Gloriou

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07-03-2021, 18:40

Awesome, Thank you Smile