Patch v1.1 for Snatcher ACT 3

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By TheKid

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30-03-2021, 13:07

After the release of Snatcher ACT 3, we received several requests, hints, ect. from players, so we made a patchdisk for the game.

Numerous updates are included in this update, namely:
- Act 3 logo renewed
- Video call with Jamie added
- Startscreen indicates version
- Enter own name for gillian
- Adjusted several typos
- Added extra text when Napoleon is sneezing
- If there is no SCC found, then no scc stuff is loaded
- The "." button is now returns to main menu
- Password length limited (otherwise off screen)
- SCC now also works on machines with less than 128 Kram, but with a memory extension.

The patchdisk can be used for the 5 disks version and the Compact Flash version.
For more information check our website .

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By Imanok

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31-03-2021, 08:22

Great additions, than you!! Big smile

By TheKid

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31-03-2021, 10:18

Thank you, I have added instructions for players wanting to patch the game and only have 1 diskdrive. With the patchdisk you are somekind of diskjockey when you only have 1 drive, So I can imagine it would be easier to use msxdos to copy files, so you need less disk swapping.

By Randam

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31-03-2021, 18:37

Wow those sound like great additions! Great work TheKid. I will check these out as soon as possible.

By tfh

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tfh의 아바타

31-03-2021, 20:08

Thanks for the update, ThekKid!

By hamlet

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hamlet의 아바타

31-03-2021, 20:11

I was surprised to see this upgrade! Thank you very much!

By TheKid

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01-04-2021, 08:09

Thanks everyone, and thanks to the people who mailed me suggestions and typos they found. The name entry I just forgot, but it made perfect sence to add it. As for the video call, it was kind of mandatory for the story to include it, but it was at the end of act 2 in the sega, so I overlooked it, since the focus was on Act 3. But with this patch, these issues belong to the past.

By TheKid

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TheKid의 아바타

01-04-2021, 08:10

So the next patch will feature all text to be spoken... or is this an april fools joke Smile

By raymond

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raymond의 아바타

01-04-2021, 09:26

TheKid wrote:

So the next patch will feature all text to be spoken... or is this an april fools joke Smile


By Metal_Geart

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Metal_Geart의 아바타

11-04-2021, 18:10

I just finished playing through the entire story, from the original (Acts 1 and 2), through (patched) Act 3. And I just want to say thank you TheKid (and all who helped you). It's a great game and a great story that deserved to be told to the end. Thanks again for enabling us to enjoy it!

By Takamichi

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Takamichi의 아바타

04-01-2022, 10:53

I cannot start ACT 3 Disk 1 on a USB floppy disk drive connected to Rookie Drive NX. At first the game seems to start normally and I see "Metal: Hey, no SCC" warning if there is no SCC. However then the screen changes to Nextor startup with the following message;
ERROR querying or initializing USB device: Timeout
then MSX resets, tries to restart the ACT 3 then hangs. I estimate this happens because ACT 3 tries to detect whether the media is an FDD or HDD though a FDD connected to Rookie Drive NX is not truly either of them. I tried two USB FDDs with one being 4x high speed but both failed. Has anyone experienced the same and is there any workaround?

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